Kelli. Pittsburgh, PA.

24 years old which is apparently ancient in the world of Tumblr.

Penguins, Steelers and Pirates fan since birth.

Currently working on a graduate degree of sorts.



For me, Barca is unconditional. Let’s just say that I’m playing at Arsenal, at Manchester, at Bayern Munich. I’d constantly be asking myself, ‘What’s happening at Barca?’ I’d be paying attention to what’s going on, who’s playing, what they are doing, how they are doing … I feel Barca. That’s the great difference from the people who don’t feel it. I love this club, I love it. I always say that I will never leave Barca until my career ends. I won’t go. I won’t go. I’m happy at Barca. Barca, I love it, I feel like it’s mine. For me it’s unconditional. No loans, no offers.” - Xavi Hernandez

(Source: neymerjr)